Zion National Park Visitor Center

Zion National Park is one of the most visited NPS sites in the United States. Its older visitor center is small and has an extremely high demand by millions of people each year. The original exhibits and graphics were both dated and inadequate for communication purposes.

The need for powerful, yet simple interpretive methods based on National Park Service graphic standards were critical. Our team reinterpreted graphic approaches intended for flat, wayside graphics that function as dynamic full wall panel systems. Easily identifiable as NPS graphics, the new approach captures the inspiring Zion landscapes while intuitively answering visitor questions and informing them about critical safety messaging.


Zion National Park


Springdale, UT



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Visitor Center


Prime Meridian: Project Contract Lead

Acme Scenic & Display: Fabrication/Installation

Accessible and easy to use interpretation focuses on the most important content that concerns visitors and reduces the basic questions asked of Rangers…all helping keep lines to information desks shorter and allow for more meaningful engagements between staff and the public.