USA Cycling Headquarters

Some exhibitions are a (bike) race to the finish line. With just six weeks until USA Cycling’s public unveiling of its new headquarters in Colorado Springs, Studio Tectonic stepped in to help develop a series of exhibition displays. Two built-in wall cases were already complete. Three additional freestanding cases were already on order but needed a designer’s eye for size and lighting. Almost no objects, images and storyline approach had been selected.

Studio Tectonic lead the team in developing the exhibition approach and design. Case layout, theming, graphics, object and image selection, and fabrication were provided. The historic championship and Olympic bikes required sophisticated and minimalist bracketing to keep them from touching the decks (and looking like they have flats). Each of the five racing disciplines is set in a vignette with composited photo ground textures to match the surface on which the races occur. Case decks are tilted for track, humped for BMX, etc.

Guidance on text and content help to keep the copy short, impactful and active. Studio Tectonic provided fabrication and installation of graphics, artifacts handling and mount making.


USA Cycling


Colorado Springs, CO


Cultural History