The Oath — Conceptual Design

Studio Tectonic, under the astute leadership and direction of BravoEcho, provided conceptualization and space planning for a major new exhibition at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. The Oath explores the transformative role of military veterans in the United States and how their service changes themselves and the Nation. The exhibit looks at the lives of those who serve, and have served, and how it has impacted their lives and their friends, family and community. It examines their private and public motivations to serve and societal conditions that impact this choice. Through their military enlistment and commitments to their country, and later through their end of service, the exhibit takes visitors on this journey through 1st person experiences, deeply immersive environments and through the eyes of veterans those whose lives they touch. Youth audiences are particularly engaged through role playing and minds-on/hands-on interactives.

Studio Tectonic helped BravoEcho develop an exhibition strategy, flow and series of galleries from a narrative concept plan. Conceptual renderings provide a visualization of the exhibition, aiming to share the emotional transformation that visitors may experience as part of their visit.


Grand Rapids Public Museum


Grand Rapids, MI


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Youth Engagement


BravoEcho: Contract Lead

Military Exhibit Plan