Snowmastodon! Snowmass Discovery Center

Snowmastodon! is one of the most important discoveries in the history of paleontology and led to the finest alpine Ice Age fossil trove in the world, producing more than 5,000 bones of ten large mammals and over 30,000 small bones from 42 small vertebrate species stretching back 140,000 years. 

Located just at the base of Snowmass ski area, this ancient Ice Age Lake existed for tens of thousands of years through many different climatic changes. It offers a view into the past and permits us to see that our actions now will show up in the layers of earth we leave behind for others to dig up in the future. 

Studio Tectonic worked closely with the Snowmass Discovery Center, Aspen Skiing Company, East West Partners, Semple Brown Design and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in envisioning and developing the conceptual design for this new institution. Using artifacts and advanced media interactivity, visitors will immerse themselves in the discovery, the dig experience, life of the Pleistocene, and our current climate challenge.


Snowmass Discovery Center

Aspen Skiing Company


Snowmass Village, CO


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Carolyn Harris Consulting: Contract Lead

East West Partners: Site Developer

Semple Brown Design: Building Interiors

Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Content Consulting