Rhododendron Discovery Garden

For the love of rhododendrons. Few plants entice and surprise like this flowering woody plant. Infinitely popular in the home landscape, the rhodie has been the intense subject of hybridizing and the pursuit of perfection.

Holden Arboretum, located in NE Ohio in the rain shadow of Lake Erie, is the home of serious rhodie research and landscapes for many decades. Its existing rhododendron garden is huge with specimens of epic scale and beauty. As the first major garden in this 3,600 acre arboretum’s major renovation the new Paine Rhododendron Discovery Garden takes the mystique and majesty of this plant and brings the visitor in the minds and vision of those who grow, adapt and cultivate it. The garden is loosely divided into three zones – 1. diversity of the Rhododendron and Heath family, 2. creating Rhododendrons and 3. practical demonstrations to help the home gardener successfully implement the family in their own landscapes.

Services included interpretive content and graphic development, wayfinding, visitor maps and signage, and close collaboration with Holden Arboretum and lead landscape architect, MTR Landscape Architects.


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