Nobel Prize in Physics — National Institute of Standards and Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, based in Maryland and Colorado, is home to four Nobel Prize awards in physics. As a government laboratory that’s purpose is innovation through advancing science, standards and technology, innovation constantly propels NIST to the leading edge of physics. In 2012 Dr. Dave Wineland was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics.

Studio Tectonic was contracted to design NIST’s public display of the Nobel medal and certificate. Our design/build work included content development assistance, exhibition and graphic design and complete fabrication, including object mounting. A precise replica of the medal was created for object fitting and testing. The exhibition’s design needed to work within an existing exhibit context and great care was taken engage critical design elements. We worked with the science content experts to help create accessible and interesting copy and content flow appropriate for a wide range of public visitors and staff.


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Nobel Prize in Physics Medal Display
The science behind this 2012 Nobel Prize is highly complex and mind-numbingly dense. Studio Tectonic crafted the display to speak to a non-quantum physics audience.
Nobel Prize Display Graphic