National Park Service Mobile Exhibit — Master Plan

In partnership with Prime Meridian, a Denver-based media firm, Studio Tectonic led the creation of a master plan for a traveling, mobile exhibition for the National Park Service and the Western National Parks Association. The exhibition’s target audience is an underserved urban population with little to no firsthand NPS exposure. The exhibition will circulate in the Western United States at cultural festivals and events. Designed to created an authentic Parks experience, the exhibit will connect visitors to nearby cultural and natural Parks units, as well as provide remote learning to distance parks through satellite links.

Three concepts were developed, each focusing on different vehicle types, storylines and overall exhibit footprints.

In addition to leading a significant stakeholder design charette, Studio Tectonic and Post Modern Company provided project master planning, vehicle research, concepts, visuals and implementation planning/cost estimating.


National Park Service


InterMountainRegion (IMR)



Master Planning

Parks and Open Space


Prime Meridian: Project Contract Lead

Concept A: Van
Concept B: Trailer
Concept C: Motor Home
National Park Mobile Exhibit Plan