Cambodia Peace Museum

Studio Tectonic developed an extensive conceptual design and overall institutional framework for the newly-forming Cambodia Peace Museum. This institution is being developed by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia – an institution that is directly involved in peace work throughout the multi-national region. The museum serves to bring Cambodia’s broader past and present into focus for the purpose of building national stability, pride and awareness…for Cambodians and the greater ASEAN community.


Cambodia Peace Museum, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies


Siem Reap, Cambodia


Cultural History

Exhibit/Site of Conscience


Master Planning


Through the course of 10-days of fieldwork, site visits and stakeholder workshops, Studio Tectonic built a comprehensive concept plan that addresses:
  • Define institutional objects, mission and vision
  • Audience assessment
  • Overall project phasing, timeline
  • Detailed cost analysis for architecture and exhibitions
  • Space planning for museum, administration and conference centre
  • Best-practice evaluation toolkit for front-end, formative and summative needs
  • Visitor experiences and take away messages
  • Exhibition storyline flow
  • Architectural design approach and design team selection criteria
  • Planning staffing needs assessment
  • Nationwide relevant sites inventory and analysis
  • Identification of future planning needs for short and longterm implementation