Boulder County Agricultural Heritage Center

Through the course of three separate projects over eight years, Studio Tectonic has revitalized the interpretive exhibits housed with Boulder County’s historic agricultural center. Located at the foothills of the Rockies, this site expresses the rich, complex, and diverse agricultural history. This seasonal, unconditioned 1,200 sq. ft. barn space engages youth and adult audiences with numerous mechanical interactives to express our human connection to the landscape and its bounty.

Studio Tectonic provided project planning, content development, graphic design, original illustration, interactive development, and turn-key fabrication and installation services.

Studio Tectonic has also developed the Museum Master Interpretive Plan for the agricultural heritage center that provides a current site analysis and makes recommendations for a new interpretive direction that includes relevant themes and storylines. Opportunities for programs and tours are identified, and a phasing plan is outlined.



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The land has always provided. For over 13,000 years, Native people have found food and shelter here. Ute, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and other American Indian people wintered in this area, well known to them because of its abundant plants and animals.
Native or Not?

Many foods that we eat today are not native to North America. Through this interactive, visitors can press a button corresponding to their favorite food, and the continent where it came from illuminates.