African American Veterans Monument — In Progress

To be completed in 2021, the monument stands as a testament and memorial in honor of hundreds of years of unheralded contribution and sacrifice by African Americans in defense of our nation. It represents each of the wars formally recognized by the United States. Located in the Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, New York, the monument is a reflection of a decade-long community commitment to bring about this first-in-the-nation recognition of African American sacrifice and heroism.

Studio Tectonic is working with the leadership and research committee to develop on-site interpretation and digital media, as well as providing space planning for the monument’s design.


Monument Designer: Jonathan Casey (1977-2020)


African American Veterans Monument


Buffalo, New York


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Cultural History

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Watts Engineering: Engineering

African Americans have always been an integral part of the U.S. military, though their contributions often went unrecognized and they lacked the very human rights they fought for. Black servicemembers fought in all of America’s wars—largely in an effort to be accepted as equal citizens with the rights and privileges afforded to others. This is still true today.

Here, we honor African American servicemembers from all of America’s wars.

I followed in a long tradition of Black men and women who have served this nation since long before the Revolutionary War. For so many years, they served their nation without their nation ever serving them. They served because they believe in this nation. They believe in the promise of our democracy.

Colin Powell, retired four-star general and the first African American Secretary of State, 2010