Tips and Thoughts for Museums in a COVID World

We’ve gathered and generated lots of ideas about how museums, zoos, and cultural institutions can respond in our COVID-19 pandemic world from our conversations with colleagues, clients, and all the online discussions. They primarily fall into three categories:

  • What can we do NOW (even before opening)?
  • What can we do to prepare for reopening and AFTER?
  • Where should we aim ourselves in our ONGOING operations and planning?

Some ideas are easy and fast to implement. Some are systemic challenges. Some may have a broad impact and others may be quite narrowly focused. We hope they are of use to you and help in propelling your work to create rich, meaningful, and SAFE experiences for visitors and staff.

Share Your Ideas!

Contribute your ideas by sending them to We’ll to add the idea to the list and credit you for it if you want. If you have a link to other resources we’d love to share that too.

Masked T-Rex at Museum
Field Museum T. rex (altered public domain image)

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