Our Approach


Our Clients

We build close-knit collaborative relationships and long-lasting rapport from Day One. Studio Tectonic facilitates an enjoyable and friendly creative process. Our clients are dedicated institutions staffed by passionate professionals, and their vision guides us.

Our creativity and commitment to collaboration allow clients to express the best of who they are.


Our Public

We do our work for the public: for our children, for our communities, for present and future generations. Without these—the ultimate clients for every project—we’re just making pretty places.

Like a library with books on the shelves but no patrons, our work has no life without the public. We craft our exhibits to be experienced and embraced by visitors.


Our Mission

We believe in connecting people to what matters: the broad human experience and universal truths. By keeping the end-user in mind and regularly reminding ourselves of the public good of the work, we maintain both a bird’s-eye and worm’s-eye view of what we do and how it will live on after we call it “done.”


Our Project Approach

First we listen in order to define what is most important to the institution, stakeholders, and visitors. We turn these concepts into a narrative, apply the practical elements (schedules, budgets, etc.), and collaborate with clients to achieve—and even transcend—the goals we have all agreed on. Because we are creative, optimistic, and realistic, we can (and often must) navigate obstacles while maintaining the project’s vision.


Our Listening

We highly value evaluation tools—both formal and informal. An exhibition without reflection and testing misses important opportunities for improvement.

Visitors want to tell their stories, and we love hearing them, including them, and their stories to shape our work.


Our Vision

At Studio Tectonic, we are captivated by the stories we’re asked to tell and thrilled to craft memorable experiences for the public. We thrive on helping our clients translate their stories into dynamic, three-dimensional narratives. We have all come to this work because we believe in preserving heritage, satisfying the innate need for storytelling, and informing, educating, and entertaining the public.

What Our Clients Say

UNAVCO, A Plate Under Pressure,
Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon

From initial proposal submission to final installation, Studio Tectonic was well organized and timely. They worked with our organization to fine-tune our design goals and turn them into reality on time and on budget.

Shelley Olds, Interim Director, Education and Outreach

Camp Cowabunga, Topeka Zoo, Kansas

The service that Studio Tectonic provides is exceptional. Their design for this project incorporates our zoo’s history into the thematics of the project. The approach and interpretation that Studio Tectonic created and layered through the guest journey through the exhibit keeps the exhibit engaging even if the animals don’t cooperate.

Brendan Wiley, Chief Executive Officer

Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center, New York

Throughout the process, this commitment from the Studio Tectonic team has proven their ability and desire to go above and beyond our expectations. Their work has enabled the voices of freedom seekers and activists to be recognized as heroes and leaders in facilitating freedom for themselves and others.

Ally Spongr, Director

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